Where to Put a Humidifier (Living Room, Bedroom)

by Garrett Yamasaki on May 10, 2021

Where To Put a Humidifier

You're probably wondering where to put a humidifier that's most effective. In this guide, you'll find a list of enclosed places for your humidifier device. Before moving forward, here's a brief overview of the humidifier and how it could benefit you. If you find yourself breathing in dry air during the day or night, you might need a humidifier. Breathing dry air consistently can cause significant health concerns and other irritations that can prevent you from living your best life. Dry air can cause irritations and prolonged symptoms of the common cold as well. When you feel you have dry skin, a parched throat, or other disturbances in your nose or lips, a humidifier can come to the rescue. 

A humidifier works by adding moisture into the air. This can transform the ease of breathing by smoothing any rough patches in your throat or nose. It can support the health and brightness of your skin and prevent other skin issues and concerns that can begin as a result of dry skin. Humidifiers can also help ease snoring habits, providing you a path toward better health and rest throughout the day and night. Further, a humidifier can help prevent the spread of airborne diseases and illnesses, which can be very common during the cold winter months. 

There is certainly a lot of benefits to having a humidifier running in your home. Whether you’ve recently purchased a humidifier or are still considering your options, this household appliance can bring many benefits to your health and overall ease of breathing. 

To make your use of a humidifier most effective, it’s important to place the humidifier in the right spot. As these appliances come in a variety of sizes, powers, and ease of portability, you want to be sure that you get the right one for your specific needs and place it in a spot where it can work the best. To help you make the most out of your humidifier, our team at Hey Dewy will share some helpful tips about where to put your humidifier in your home. We’ll also clue you in on some things to avoid when using your humidifier to its maximum potential. 

Where to Put a Humidifier in Your Bed and Living Room

Where To Put a Humidifier in Your Bedroom and Living Room

To get the most out of your humidifier, the location in which you place it makes a big difference. A humidifier can moisturize the air all it wants, but if it's not located in a place where you often visit, it may not be doing much to support your unique needs in getting a humidifier. 

Determining what room to put your humidifier in depends on several factors, including what purpose you got the humidifier for and where you tend to spend a lot of time in. For example, you may want to put the humidifier where most people spend time. Or, you may want to put it in your bedroom to help with your snoring issues. 

Use the humidity readings on the humidifier to determine which area may need the most significant boost in humidity. A controlled dial can also help you choose the exact humidity level that you want the room to be. Typically, larger humidifiers can be placed on the floor. Just be sure to watch for any water leakage as you refill the humidifier according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have a smaller humidifier, you can put it on the table as well. Be sure to put down a towel or other container to catch any water in case it leaks. 

Generally, it’s important to put a humidifier in a place that is up high on a shelf or table can make it better to not have people breathe in the direct moisture. Keeping it away from other objects on shelves or tables can prevent water damage or other concerns with the humidifier.


If you keep your humidifier in the bedroom, place it about five or six feet away from you. Putting it somewhere closer to you but not too close to directly breathe in the moisture can help improve your breathing without causing further issues. Be sure to place it on something or somewhere where water can catch in case of leaks. Keep the humidifier bacteria and mold-free by not putting it in the ray of direct sunlight. A humidifier in your bedroom can be very beneficial in helping you breathe smoothly throughout the night and support your overall rest. 

Living Room

Another commonplace to put a humidifier is in the living room. This is often where people in the home gather together and make an excellent spot for improved air quality. With this heavily trafficked place, it’s important to put the humidifier in a place where it's close enough to make a difference in the room’s quality but not too close that it gets in the way of people’s everyday movement and habits. 

Remember that it's okay to continue to make adjustments with your humidifier as you use it and work to improve the quality of your home. It’s important to keep your humidifier in a flat location and does not shake or has the potential of falling. Be sure to watch out for any moisture build-up on carpets, rugs, or other objects that are around the humidifier. Be sure not to direct the flow of humid air toward a wall or any other obstruction that can prevent the free-flowing air from the humidifier. Typically, the higher up the humidifier, the better your home's operation and overall well-being will be. 

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What to Avoid When Using a Humidifier 

With its many benefits, humidifiers can be transformative in boosting the overall environment in your home. However, there are some important things to keep in mind as you get the most out of your humidifier. Here are some things to avoid when using your humidifier. 

1. Setting the Humidity Levels Too High

Keep in mind that dust mites and other living organisms can thrive in areas where the humidity is too high. Moderate the humidity level to keep it between 30 to 50 percent. This range can help keep the space not too humid but also not too dry. Keep an eye on the numbers to ensure it does not drop too low or too high. 

2. Keeping the Humidifier at Face-Level, in Direct Inhaling 

While the humidity levels that a humidifier puts out are valuable in improving your overall health, it’s also not pleasant to breathe indirectly. Therefore, placing it up somewhere high such as on a shelf or dresser, can make a difference in the room while also keeping it out of a line of direct inhaling. Keeping a humidifier at least three or more feet away from where you sit or lie can help eliminate the risk of directly inhaling the humidity that the humidifier releases. 

3. Choosing the Wrong Size Humidifier 

Humidifiers come in all sizes and power levels. These are often directed toward making different size rooms more humid. When you choose the wrong size humidifier for your room, you may not be getting the best benefits from your humidifier. For example, if you select a too powerful humidifier for a small room, you may find that the room gets too humid too quickly. On the other hand, a lower-powered humidifier in a large room may not make much of a difference in your intended space. 

4. Choosing the Wrong Type of Humidifier 

Just like there is variety in size, there is also variety in the type of humidifier. Some humidifiers are centrally located and operate in coordination with your other HVAC systems. There are other types of humidifiers such as the portable humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier, evaporative humidifiers, etc. Depending on your needs and how dry your home gets, there may be a better choice to select a humidifier for just one room or the whole house.

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5. Not Using the Hygrometer 

On a humidifier, the hygrometer informs you of the humidity levels in the room. These numbers are so helpful in determining how much you need to increase or level out the humidity in the room. Without using this number, you may put the humidifier in a room that does not need it or causing the humidity in a room to be too high. Use this measurement to make the most of your humidifier and support your overall health with this handy household appliance. 

Support Your Health with a Humidifier 

Support Your Health With a Humidifier - Hey Dewy

There are so many reasons to appreciate a humidifier. From adding moisture to the air to alleviating allergy symptoms to creating a more comfortable environment, a humidifier brings many benefits. To get the most out of a humidifier, it's crucial to put it in a location where it can operate most effectively and efficiently. Typically, this means that a spot up high on a shelf can help improve the air in the entire room. Keep in mind the size of the room you want your humidifier in, as well as how powerful the humidifier is. Knowing these factors can help you make the most of your humidifier as you get back to hydrated and healthy breathing and skin. 

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