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wake up fresh and dewy

overnight moisture will make your day

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real reviews of our products

“This portable USB humidifier is like having a mini-spa in your pocket."

“A necessary addition to your home office. Your skin will thank you!”

“Breathes life into parched complexions no matter the climate or altitude.”

“Good things come in small packages—like this antimicrobial humidifier... it’s perfect for tiny spaces.”

“It’s a low effort facial treatment that anyone can do... The end result: a glowing, camera-ready complexion.”

"This tiny humidifier is the work-from-home essential you didn't realize you needed."

“Hey Dewy is definitely the best little desk companion I’ve invested in.”

“This humidifier is a petite ball of hydration power... it delivers benefits beyond compare.”

“Using the Hey Dewy humidifier has completely turned things around for my skin."

"If you work in a super dry office environment or simply want something you can take on the go, the wireless facial humidifier is the best portable humidifier."

our mission is moisture

Enjoy glowing skin, better sleep, and boosted health & wellness by transforming dry environments into refreshing sanctuaries.

try hey dewy WELLNESS

A humidifier built for your whole home

  • Mists Up to 500 Sq. Ft.

    No matter what space you are
    in, we've got you covered

  • Up to 24-Hour Run Time

    Plenty of mist to get you
    through the work day & evening

  • Ultrasonic Technology

    Quiet vibrations for
    a soothing hydration cloud

  • Cool, Hydrating Mist

    A refreshing vapor to lock in
    moisture at home or on the go

  • Mood Light

    A soothing glow for a
    peaceful ambience at bedtime

we support

Clean Water initiatives like The Water Project