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Our Family is Growing

Meet Blush and Charcoal

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Hydrate from Home

Make the most of your work and your health

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your skin & hair all day long

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Your Carpool

Take it with you on-the-go, keep at your desk or bring on a trip. It’s as mobile and versatile as you are

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Cool Hydrating Mist

Our ultrasonic wave technology powers micro-splashes which emit cool water aerosols without you ever noticing

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Our mission, is moisture

It starts with water, but ends with wellness.

We believe we can harness its inherent power to help lives.


You're on-the-go and we're right there with you

8-Hour Capacity

Plenty of mist flow to get you through the work day, or the night. Intermittent setting will double it

Ultrasonic Wave Technology

Silent vibrations release a cool, sanitized vapor

Dry, Dry Go Away

Hydrate your skin and hair, while clearing your sinuses

Beautiful and Functional

Elevate your desk while moistening your skin from 9 to 5

Ultrasonic Cool Hydrating Mist

Making Waves. High frequency technology sends off good vibrations and a cool, clean mist

Top 5 Benefits of Humidifiers

Dry air does us no good.  Learn how humidifiers can help

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10% of Sales

will be donated to THE WATER PROJECT


Our Customers Say

I’ve been looking for a portable humidifier since I travel so much. Hey Dewy is perfectly cute, I take it everywhere I's like an on-the-go facial...

Ananya, New York, NY

The air at my work is terribly dry and stale. I keep this little guy attached to my laptop, and I can now breathe much better and it helps keeps my skin soft and yes, dewy!

Joanna, Los Angeles, CA

Looks great on my desk, I always get compliments from co-workers! Of course it also helps with my sinuses throughout the day. Probably gonna order another one for my car!

Elaine, Denver, CO