Our Story

Hi, I'm Cindy, Co-founder of hey dewy. I was born in Korea, grew up on the east coast, now living on the west in Southern California. No matter where I've lived I've always struggled with SUPER DRY skin. I've also worked over 15 years in various corporate offices with dry/stale air, sometimes straight under a crazy vent, not to mention being exposed to so many germs going around.  

While I had big, clunky, ugly humidifiers at home, what I needed was something small, light and portable... that could go anywhere with me.  Something that could deliver COOL MIST all day long at my desk, in my car while commuting, in the plane while traveling, and fit nicely in my luggage.

So we started hey dewy so others like me can have more radiant, dewy, revitalized skin, on-the-go!!  Friends, drink water all day, humidify all day...

Stay Hydrated & Healthy! XOXO

We Believe in Water

Water. 65% of our bodies are made of it, and we can’t live more than 3 days without it. Yet we deprive ourselves of this vital resource due to our own busy-ness, while millions of others are deprived of it because of circumstances beyond their control. Our goal is to bridge that gap.

Our Mission, Is Moisture


We believe that our beautiful, portable ‘moistifier’ can keep up with your busy lifestyle at work, school, on the road, in a hotel, wherever you go...and can help replenish what you lose throughout the day. Your skin and your health don’t need to suffer while you’re aiming for success.

For Profit, For a Purpose, For People


Our vision is to make money, in order to give it away, so that lives can change.  We want to transform the paradigm of businesses so that cause and giving is at the core of our existence and measure of success, not just a tangential exercise. And for us, we also believe in the healing power of water, and how it can improve lives everyday. That’s why not only the use of our products will improve one’s skin and health, but also 10% of every purchase will be dedicated to initiatives that make an impact through water, starting with The Water Project.

Water is life giving. And it can be life changing. We’re just creating a means in which its benefits and impact can be more fully realized, one person at a time.