How To Use Your Hey Dewy


Glow on-the-go with your Hey Dewy Wireless Humidifier. High frequency technology meets a modern design, for a new age beauty tool you can use anywhere.

At the office or on Zoom calls all day? Hey Dewy can be used anytime and anyplace thanks to its sleek & cute little size. Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on-the-go traveling, effortlessly immerse your face over a cool, clean mist for just minutes to hydrate your skin and hair for a revitalized look. Our petite but packs-a-punch humidifier allows you to moist-ify your skin with micro-splashes of cool water aerosols for incredible results. It can also be used to hydrate your hair and clear your sinuses, providing an overall healthier lifestyle.


Here are some specific ways you can maximize your dewy throughout the day:


Keep your skin hydrated as you sleep with Hey Dewy’s 8-hour capacity.  Wake up with clear sinuses and moisturized skin no matter the weather. 


morning routine hey dewy

Morning Routine:

Start your day by adding Hey Dewy to your morning  beauty routine. Immersing your skin with a cool, hydrating mist for just 15-20 minutes, while getting ready, reduces dryness and extends the length of dewy skin. 

Damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing any products/ingredients you put on it. So if you mist during your skincare regimen you are maximizing the performance of your serums, oils, and creams. 


Humidify while you work:

Is the AC or heater leaving you with dry skin? Hey Dewy’s 8-hour capacity allows you to enjoy a cool mist, preventing dryness while you work, and during all of your Zoom calls. And don't forget to drink plenty of water throughout your day.



In the car:

Glow on-the-go by using Hey Dewy while in the car. Its petite size allows it to fit in a standard cup-holder, giving you time to replenish your skin before arriving to your destination.


hey dewy night time routine humidifier

Nighttime routine before bed:

Elevate your nighttime routine by hydrating your skin while you binge watch that show or dive into your favorite book.  Your skin will thank you in the morning.



Perhaps your passion is traveling or as an Entrepreneur you are constantly on-the-go? Awesome. Hey dewy is as mobile & versatile as you are!  She fits perfectly into your suitcase and is great to have in your hotel room, so you can sleep deeply with clear sinuses and hydrate your skin & hair for that revitalized look all day long. 


Hey Dewy’s effortless portability allows you to look and feel amazing throughout your day.