How Do Portable Humidifiers Work?

by Garrett Yamasaki on May 24, 2021

How Do Portable Humidifiers Work

In many living environments, people go their daily lives without realizing the negative impacts dry air could have on their health. Whether you're working in an office environment or you're always at home, being surrounded by dry air could negatively impact your skin, hair, sinuses, and even throat. If any of these issues ring a bell, then having a portable humidifier could be your best solution.

What is a Portable Humidifier?

What is a Portable Humidifier

Owning a portable humidifier would benefit your home and office environment since they release needed moisture into the air, which increases humidity. While the portable humidifier may appear small, they truly make a difference.

Before going on your search for the most reliable portable humidifier, keep in mind that there are several types. Affecting temperatures in beneficial ways, you'll come across ultrasonic, evaporative, and warm mist portable humidifiers. 

How Do Portable Humidifiers Work?

How Do Portable Humidifiers Work

There are several types of portable humidifiers, and each of them works differently. The ultrasonic, evaporative, and warm mist portable humidifiers have different benefits.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

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This humidifier uses high-frequency waves to reduce the dryness of your surroundings. These waves are created by the metal diaphragm located inside the ultrasonic humidifier. The water reservoir is located inside the humidifier, which becomes mist due to the high-frequency waves' vibration.

In the reservoir, the vibration of the metal diaphragm converts water into particles changing it into vapor. If you don't like constant fan noises, the ultrasonic humidifier should be perfect for your environment due to its calmness and silence. Since this type of humidifier doesn't function with a fan, bringing it around is much more manageable due to its miniature size.

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Evaporative Humidifiers

Unlike the ultrasonic humidifier, the evaporative humidifier uses a fan to propel water vapor into the atmosphere. The evaporative humidifier has three main components.

  •       Wick Filter
  •       Water Reservoir
  •       Fan

Depending on the size, the wick filter absorbs a limited amount of water at a time. The larger the wick filter, the quicker the water evaporates into the air. After evaporation, this filter replaces the evaporated water by absorbing it from its reservoir. The reservoir holds the excess water and replenishes it in the shallow pool, which the wick filter pulls.

With air blowing from the fan, the evaporation increases the number of water particles turning it into vapor. The fan inside the humidifier propels mist into the air, which creates moisture, reducing the environment's dryness.

The evaporative humidifier is the least expensive option available and would be perfect for anyone on a tight budget or trying to save money.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Also known as a vaporizer, the warm mist humidifier uses a different element compared to the others on this list. Instead of a fan or high-frequency waves, this humidifier relies on a heating element. Inside the humidifier, the water reservoir becomes heated by an electric heating element, which creates steam.

Warm mist humidifiers can be beneficial for the winter season or people living in colder areas because it creates a much warmer air. Unlike the other types of portable humidifiers, you'll have to be more cautious with this one because of the heat. If not handled carefully, it could cause burns due to the temperature of the water.

How To Make The Best Out of Your Portable Humidifier

How To Make The Best Out of Your Portable Humidifier

If you're handling a portable humidifier for the first time, there are several useful tips to keep in mind. Since a portable humidifier requires water inside the reservoir, clean water is essential and can make an enormous difference. Humidifiers lacking filters will be unable to prevent unneeded particles from getting into the air. For instance, if the environment you're in has mineral-dense water, your humidifier will likely release these minerals into the air.

If you're using mineral-dense water, a filter would be able to catch any minerals along with potential mold or bacteria buildup, however this may require periodic changing out of the filter. 

Benefits of a Portable Humidifier

Benefits of a Portable Humidifier

The portable humidifier comes with many benefits. This device can positively impact an endless list of things. Here are the top five:

  1. Your Skin: When surrounded by dry air, it causes your skin to dry. Dry skin leads to wrinkles and blemishes, which could make a person feel/appear older. Using a humidifier keeps the skin healthy and brings you a youthful glow.
  2. Your Health: It's the annoying feeling after getting hit by a cold or the flu. You know how painful dry sinuses are. When you're sick, dry air can cause you to experience a constant feeling of pain in the sinuses. By adding a humidifier into your environment during these situations, you'll be able to breathe better and be in a more comfortable position.
  3. Your Home: Many people don't realize the impact dry air can have on wooden furniture and floors. Dry air causes the wood to crack over time. Your portable humidifier can help reduce these unnecessary cracks from becoming a much larger problem.
  4. Your Finances: Instead of using the central air conditioner or heater for your entire home, a portable humidifier could replace it with cooling or heating a specific room. For many homeowners, this could help reduce the electric bill and bettering their overall health at the same time.
  5. Your Sleep: People struggle to sleep when they're supposed to sleep. With a portable humidifier running, it could help you sleep better. It also helps reduce the dryness in the mouth, which reduces your snoring: less snoring means better and a night of more comfortable sleep.

Conclusion For “How Do Portable Humidifiers Work”

How Do Portable Humidifiers Work

There are three types of portable humidifiers for you to choose from, depending on your situation and budget. The ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency waves to create a mist without making any loud noises. The evaporative humidifier is the least expensive option but produces noise from the turbulence of the fan. The warm mist humidifier creates a mist using heating elements but could be a hassle to move due to the water's high temperature. Owning a humidifier provides many benefits to your daily life, such as reducing your skin's dryness, breathing better, preventing wooden furniture from cracking, and providing you with better sleep.

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